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The Building

Originally built in the 1950s as a family home, the building has been adapted as a children’s nursery on the ground floor and the office and the owners flat on the first floor.

The nursery enjoys an open-plan layout with easy access between each of the play areas, including a sizeable garden.

The building is situated in a secure residential area surrounded by houses on all sides with a secure perimeter wall and fence.  There is just one way in and out.


GVHDN_Nailsea-Garden (8)

The Play Room

A multi-purpose room used for non-messy play, music, dance & movement.  Here the children enjoy a wide range of toys and activities, including:

  •       The Book CornerGVHDN_Nailsea-activities (11)
  •       The Story Sack
  •       Music & Movement
  •       Dance
  •       Workbench and Tools
  •       The Home Corner
  •       Play Kitchen
  •       Puzzles
  •       Drawing
  •       Matching Games
  •       Role Play & Dressing Up
  •       Construction Toys
  •       Trains
  •       Cars
  •       Fire Engines
  •       Play Houses
  •       Small World People
  •       Animals
  •       Dolls, Teddy Bears
  •       Dinosaurs
  •       Lego
  •       Musical Instruments

And Much More!


The Conservatory

Here the children enjoy being creative and getting messy.  Regular activities include painting, playing with sand, play-dough, cutting, sticking and junk modelling.

Along with the regular activities, every session sees something different.  Each day we have a choice of activities for the children to enjoy from our large repertoire of creative activities.

GVHDN_Nailsea-Garden (20)


The Quiet Room

So called because this room is set apart of the open-plan areas and is a peaceful place more appropriate for some of our activities, such as:

  •       Sleeping (some of our younger 2 year olds who attend all day will sleep here after lunch)
  •       Using the Computer – the children pick up computer skills by playing educational games
  •       Pre-school – children who will be going to school the following September use this room for their twice daily sessions when we work with them to develop their writing and maths.


GVHDN_Nailsea-Garden (14)

The Garden

Our huge garden is divided up into three areas.

In this part of the garden children ride trikes and scooters, play ball games.

This part of the garden has a “safety surface” so this is where we enjoy activities such as climbing, obstacle courses, see-saw etc

In this fantastic area we have a “river”, a boat, and a beach!  Here  the children’s imagination runs wild.

GVHDN_Nailsea-Garden (21)



We regularly take the children out of the nursery for supervised outings with your prior consent. Outings are carefully planned to ensure children’s safety is paramount.

We have an exciting range of outings, such as the shop, the park, the woods and the library.

GVHDN_Nailsea-Outings (10)