Newsletter April 2016

Please make sure that all clothes and bags are clearly labelled.


Easter Bonnet – Please remember that at 2pm we will meet on the field for an Easter parade. There is still plenty of time to make a bonnet. Prizes will be awarded to the finest bonnets!!!! For some inspiration have a look at


Calpol – There appears to be some confusion about the use of calpol and other paracetamol based medicines. Apologies for any confusion thus far, here is the policy clarified:


  • We will give calpol to children if it has been prescribed for your child by a doctor or pharmacist providing they are well enough to be in nursery. This must be taken home each day.
  • If your child suffers from febrile convulsions when they get a temperature then you can leave calpol in the nursery. Please make sure the bottle and box are clearly labelled. Please make sure you have completed a medicines form.
  • We cannot store any other calpol in the nursery. If everybody had calpol here that would be 75 bottles!
  • We keep a bottle of nursery calpol for use in emergencies and if your child becomes ill during the day we will phone you for verbal permission to give calpol to your child.


If your child has a temperature they are not well enough to be in the nursery so please do not give them calpol at home and then send them in.


Facebook – We have a Facebook page. Please search for ‘Golden Valley House Day Nursery Nailsea’ and like our page. We will keep you updated about what is going on at the nursery. Please complete a permissions form for photos to be used on the page. Ask Sam who is developing the facebook page.


Home Learning Activity – Spring is here and buds and blossom are everywhere. It’s the perfect time of year to take a nature walk and see what interesting things you can find. Let children have time to stop, explore and look at things closely. It’s fascinating to watch what a young child finds interesting. Collect any interesting leaves, twigs, stones etc that you find on your walk and stick them onto a piece of paper, (sellotape works better than glue) and talk about what you found. Can you identify different trees from their leaf shapes? Please bring the finished collages into the nursery so we can display them.


Goodbye – We are sad to say goodbye to Sonia at the end of this month. She is moving on to be a teacher and we wish her well for the future. Her key children will remain in blue group and Denise or Matt will take over the key children.