Food and Drink

Meals at Golden Valley are sociable times when they sit in their Key Group – conversation and good table manners are constantly re-enforGVHDN_Nailsea-Eating (3)ced.

Meals are cooked with children in mind – we like to give them a varied diet that includes lots of fresh fruit & vegetables.

All meals are freshly cooked on the premises with no additives

We can cater for children with allergies and dietary requirements

No food is to be brought into nursery as we often have children with allergies

The nursery is also a nut free zone

The children choose milk or water at meal and snack times

Water is available throughout the day from our cooler

Children are encouraged to have a small portion of food on their plate but not forced to eat it

We have a recipe book of the meals we cook – please ask a member of staff if you would like one or click here to download it now