A bag with your child’s name clearly marked, containing a change of clothes, just in case of any little accidents. This is particularly important when they are learning to use the toilet.

All clothes must be clearly labelled to avoid items of clothing becoming lost or confused with another child’s.

If children bring their own comforters, toys or books, the nursery cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to them.

Please do not bring in or put food into your child’s bag. We have children in the Nursery who have life threatening allergies and we need to be fully aware of any potential risks to them.  This also relates to birthday cakes/ treats.

Best clothes are not suitable for wearing to Nursery.  We recommend comfortable casual wear so that your child can play without worrying about accidentally spoiling their clothes.  Sleeves, which push up easily, are particularly helpful in the conservatory where water, paint, glue etc are enjoyed.

To encourage independence in the bathroom we suggest that children do not wear belts, braces, awkward buttons and dungarees, as this can cause unnecessary difficulty for them when using the toilet.

If paint is splashed on clothes rinse well in cold water, rub bath soap into the stain.  Wash as normal.

For the safety of the children, it is not advisable for children to wear earrings or jewellery to Nursery.

The Nursery cannot be responsible for the damage to or loss of earrings/jewellery or any accidents caused to a child due to the wearing of earrings or jewellery in Nursery.

Some children do go through this phase, which may be when they first start nursery or some weeks or even months later. More often than not an unhappy child is happy and smiling before the parent gets to the gate. Try having positive attitude; telling them  what a good time they will have and that they will be collected later.

A brief good bye will give them less time to think about being upset / left. Do not worry, (we know that is easier said than done) but believe us when we say “they will soon be smiling and having fun”.

If you are still worried when you get home / to work, please telephone us to see how your child has settled down. The nursery will always telephone the parent or the emergency contact should any problems arise.

After lunch provision is made for those children who need a sleep to do so in the quiet room. If a child normally sleeps with a favourite comforter or blanket please send it to nursery in their named bag.

If a child gets sleepy during the afternoon they can always snooze on the sofa.

We can administer some un-prescribed pain and fever relief medicine and some prescribed medicines but only with parents’ prior written consent.  We cannot give any medicine containing aspirin.  Medication Permission forms must be completed and signed by parent and a senior member of staff.

Under no circumstances should any medication be left in children’s bags.

Even with strict Health and Safety procedures and close supervision of the children, accidents do occasionally happen. If a child should unfortunately take a tumble they will be treated by an appointed First Aider. All incidents will be recorded in the Incident Book which the parent will be asked to read and sign. This is to ensure that they are aware of the incident, how it happened and what first aid was administered.

In the case of any incident requiring urgent medical attention, the child will be taken to the local GP or the nearest Accident and Emergency Department, and the parent will be informed immediately.

Each child has a folder with their name on, which can be located in folder racks in the hall. Inside the folder you will find your child's Learning Diary along with photographs and samples of their work. Learning Diaries act as a record of your child's time at nursery and are used by us as a tool to help monitor learning and development and help us plan to meet your child's developmental needs. You are welcome to look at the folder at any time; please take it home for a good look. At the end of your child's time here your child's Learning Diary will be yours to keep.

Should you have any questions please speak to your child’s key worker. You can arrange to discuss your child's progress on flexible and informal basis or should you wish, you can make an appointment to talk confidentially if you have any concerns.  Parents evenings take place at least three times a year and are a good opportunity for you to discuss your child's progress and meet other parents - we provide refreshments too!

If you are going on holiday and would like to sell your child’s sessions you can advertise them in the Holiday Book which is found on top of the chest of drawers at the bottom of the stairs.

Similarly, you can look there for the opportunity to buy extra sessions.

The sessions sell for just over half the full price.  The method of payment is by cash or cheque, put into an envelope with the date of the session and name of the child from whom you are buying the session; we will pass this on to that child’s parent.

Nursery is not responsible for the selling of sessions, or collection of money owed,  this is an agreement between parents.

Please note that due to staff ratios a 2-year-old cannot have the place of a 3-year-old without first checking with the staff.

Similarly if your child is ill and you phone to let us know we may know of someone wanting to buy that session.

If you have any concerns regarding the nursery or your child, please talk to their Key Worker, our deputy manager, Denise, or our manager, Emma.

If there are matters which have not been resolved within the nursery please speak to Emma or Andrew, the nursery proprietors, or you can contact Ofsted quoting our unique reference number: EY389776.