Day to Day Information

Working parents can benefit from significant tax and NI savings of up to £1,195 a year using Childcare Vouchers, and up to double the amount if both parents are part of a Childcare Vouchers scheme.  Parents eligible for tax credits should check whether it makes sense for them to also use Childcare Vouchers – doing both could leave you out of pocket!

You access this scheme through your employer who will provide you with all the necessary details.

Please note our unique identifiers with the various service providers that administer Childcare Voucher schemes:

Computershare Voucher Services  User ID:0007875635

SayCarePass Childcare Provider ID Number: 165324

KiddiVouchers Reference Number: 24190

Edenred (formerly Accor Services) Account Number: P525341

care-4 Account No: 30240989

Youatwork Reference: 15861

The Salary Exchange TRP0004294

HMRC info about Childcare Vouchers

If there is any other service provider not listed here we will happily to register with them


8.00amFree play for the children in the playroom. Breakfast available for   all children
9:00amAll children except pre-school to bathroom, ready for milk and fruit   (washing their hands and going to toilet).    Milk and fruit time in key groups, general conversation and singing
9.15amPre-school groups to quiet room. Circle time for younger children
9.40amSmall group time for all the children in key groups related to the   children’s interests and current learning needs
9.50amFree play for all children who can choose which area to play in;   garden, conservatory, playroom or quiet room (weather dependent).  Planned music sessions for all children,   including, a dance teacher or a musician, or planned session on music and   movement by staff (on certain days)


11.00amGarden play for all children, developing gross motor skills, using   bikes/ scooters/ parachute/ beams/ etc.    If wet play the children may participate in music and movement
11.25amAll children to bathroom ready for lunch (washing their hands and   going to toilet).  Lunch time in key   groups all children encouraged to try everything.
12.15pmLunch comes to an end, singing, story time and rest time begins   Conservatory- pre-school children’s story time, Playroom – smaller children’s   singing time and story time, Quiet room – rest time and sleep time for all   day children, if needed
12.30amSome morning children go home and some afternoon children start   arriving
12.45pmQuiet time for all children, choice of activities e.g. small group   games and computer time
1.15pmGarden play for all children, developing gross motor skills, using   bikes/ scooters/ parachute/ beams/ etc.    If wet play the children participate in music and movement
1.40pmAll children to bathroom ready for milk and fruit (washing their   hands and going to toilet).  Milk and   fruit time in key groups, general conversation and singing
2.00pmSmall group time for all the children in key groups related to the   children’s interests and current learning needs
2.10pmFree play for all children who can choose which area to play in;   garden, conservatory, playroom or quiet room (weather dependent). When the   garden is shut the quiet room is opened for small group time
3:00pmPre-school group in quiet room


3.30pmGarden play for all children, developing gross motor skills, using   bikes/ scooters/ parachute/ beams/ etc if wet play the children play in the   playroom and conservatory until 3.45pm, when action songs are introduced or   music and movement
3.55pmAll children to bathroom ready for tea (washing their hands and going   to toilet).  Tea time in key groups,   all children encouraged to try everything
4.30pmTea comes to an end, singing and story time begins Playroom- smaller   children’s singing time and story time Quiet room – pre-school children’s   story time
4.55pmFree play in the playroom or garden (weather permitting) children   start to go home.
6.00pmAll children have gone home and the nursery shuts (On Fridays nursery   shuts at 5.30pm)


Medical, cultural and other dietary needs will be met.

Please do not bring in or put food into your child’s bag. We have children in the Nursery who have life threatening allergies and we need to be fully aware of any potential risks to them.

This also relates to birthday cakes/ treats.

At Golden Valley House Day Nursery it is our belief that children who are in a well ordered environment are less likely to behave in an inappropriate manner.

Inappropriate behaviour will always be treated in a positive way. A persistent problem will be discussed with the child’s parents. However, if a matter is dealt with within the nursery, no further action need be taken at home. What happens in the nursery is dealt with at the time and it is not always appropriate for you to take action much later when a child gets home. We would not like children to feel that we were telling tales.

The guidelines we work to are-:

  • The staff will endeavour to provide a positive model for the children with regard to friendliness, care and courtesy.
  • Positive steps are taken to avoid a situation where children receive attention only in return for undesirable behaviour.
  • Physical punishment, such as smacking or shaking, will be neither used nor threatened.
  • Children will never be sent outside the room by themselves, or singled out and humiliated.
  • In the situation where a child misbehaves they will be given one-to-one adult support enabling the behaviour to be discussed, and why the behaviour was wrong and what is acceptable behaviour.
  • In the case of serious misbehaviour, such as racial or other abuse, the unacceptability of the behaviour and attitudes will be explained immediately.
  • It will always be made clear to children that, whereas they are welcome at Nursery, their inappropriate behaviour is not.
  • The staff at Nursery will not shout, or raise their voices in a threatening way.

3 and 4 year-olds are entitled to 15 hours of free early education each week for 38 weeks of the year (a total of 570 hours which is around 11 hours per week for settings that open all year).  Your child becomes eligible from 1 September, 1 January or 1 April following their 3rd birthday.

Each term we will hand out Parent Declaration Forms provided by North Somerset Council - these need to be completed and returned to us as soon as possible to enable us to make the claim on your behalf. Should you have any problems with the form or understanding the grant protocol please speak to Andrew.

Even with strict Health and Safety procedures and close supervision of the children, accidents do occasionally happen. If a child should unfortunately take a tumble they will be treated by an appointed First Aider. All incidents will be recorded in the Incident Book which the parent will be asked to read and sign. This is to ensure that they are aware of the incident, how it happened and what first aid was administered.

In the case of any incident requiring urgent medical attention, the child will be taken to the local GP or the nearest Accident and Emergency Department, and the parent will be informed immediately.

Every child is assigned a Keyworker before they start to settle in.  The idea is for keyworkers to help create a family atmosphere around the child because this enables the child to thrive during their time here.  Keyworkers are the first point of contact for exchanging information about children, and are responsible for recording your child’s progress at nursery – the Learning Diary"

There is plenty of free parking close to the nursery.

Please park with consideration for our neighbours. Parking in the drive is restricted to those with disabilities and parents/carers with babies in the car. This is to ease congestion in the drive, but most importantly to ensure the safety of the children. Your co-operation in this matter is most appreciated.

When any child starts with us our aim is to help them settle into Nursery as smoothly as possible.  We will arrange a number of settling in sessions that will increase in duration – starting from 1 hour for the first visit.  During settling in we will discuss with parents how it’s going and agree when their child can start at the nursery.

We are very security minded at Nursery and need to be informed of any changes regarding who is collecting your children. The main door to the Nursery is kept locked except when children are arriving and being collected when a member of staff is in the entrance hall at all times.

For the safety of all the children at the Nursery, please ensure you close both entry doors when arriving or leaving the Nursery.

At Golden Valley House Day Nursery, our pre-school aims to have regard to the DFEE code of practice on the identification and assessment of the Special Educational Needs, and to provide a welcome and appropriate learning opportunity, for all children.

Children with special needs, like all children, are admitted to the pre-school after consultation between parents, pre-school leader and key worker.

Our system of observation and record keeping, which operates in conjunction with parents, enables us to monitor children’s needs and progress on an individual basis.

Our key worker system ensures that staff are specially responsible for certain children, so each child’s progress can be monitored by someone who knows them well.

If it is felt that a child’s needs cannot be met in the pre-school without support of a one to one worker, funding will be sought to employ one.

We work in liaison with staff outside the nursery, including therapists, health visitors, psychologists, social workers, Springboard Opportunities Group. Paediatricians and portage workers, to meet children’s specific needs.

Our staff attend whenever possible in – service training on special needs arranged by the pre – school Learning Alliance and other professional bodies.

If a child becomes ill at Nursery we will contact the parent and request that they collect their child as soon as possible to prevent the risk of cross infection. If we are unable to contact the parent we will use the emergency contact numbers given to us on registration. (Names & phone numbers can be updated at any time in writing)

Before sending your child to Nursery please ensure that they are well enough to enjoy their time here.   In the case of sickness and diarrhoea, to reduce the risk of cross infection, we do not accept children back into Nursery for 48 hours from the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

In the case of contagious infections such as Mumps, Chicken Pox etc. children must stay away from Nursery until they are no longer infectious.

If a child is running a temperature this is a good sign that he has an infection and should not be in Nursery.

For more information on exclusions and illness information, please see our policies & procedures section or call us at the nursery.